Each A Glimpse And Gone Forever

Romania #1

A month of looking out windows, seeing Eastern Europe pass by, scene by scene.

I spent a month looking out the windows of trains and buses, passing great murders of crows, power plants and haystacks, empty billboards, roadside crosses and teenagers bored at weddings.

Some views repeated themselves: endless fields of sunflowers; railway workers not working.

On a late Saturday evening this July, I boarded the sleeper train from Istanbul to Sophia. From there on, I travelled through Bulgaria and Romania, to Hungary, Ukraine and Poland.

Through thousands of kilometres on rail and road I followed the passing landscapes of Eastern Europe and recorded some moments, some views: Each a glimpse and gone forever, to quote the closing line in Robert Louis Stevenson’s railway poem.

Ukraina #1

Ukraine #2

Bulgaria #1

Romania #2

Romania #3

Romania #4

Romania #5

Bulgaria #2

Romania #6

Romania #7

Romania #8

Ukraine #3

Romania #9

Romania #10

Ukraine #5

Ukraine #6

Ukraine #7

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